Sometimes, organisations need a reboot. Contact us right now.


WHO am I / my roots & values?

Coach, mentor, networker in the areas of positioning and corporate culture, strategy, cooperation and technology.
My values are curiosity, empathy and creativity. My vocation is entrepreneurship.

WHO are you?

You are an entrepreneur in an SME environment.

WHY I serve you?

My purpose: The DNA of business has changed. Forever. How we do business, who are our partners and what is our offer. Ctrl-Alt-Del accompanies and empowers entrepreneurs and SMEs in the process of sustainable repositioning: you are at the centre.


WHAT is the offering?

My mission is to accompany your organization into the future : Our focus is how your organisation will earn money (business model, USP, partnering). Therefore some of the following aspects are of great importance: rebooting, repositioning, realignment, culture, strategy, strategic value chain, focus, diversification, etc.

HOW do we interact?

You are in the centre: I listen to you and ask uncomfortable questions in order to further develop and optimally position you and your company. I pass on my experience to you, I am your sparring partner. I am happy to help you to focus, to structure and to achieve your goals – always tailored to your needs.

ESCAPE to be inspired / factfinding / matchmaking

Leave your daily life to discover the hidden and be inspired. No matter if you are interested in technology, watches, culture or culinary, you go with us on individually arranged tours and visits, to make unique experiences – guaranteed.


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